Specialist Fencing

Whether you want to keep animals in, or trespassers out, your site needs protection. Wildside are the experts at providing the right fencing for you – whether it’s timber, metal or bespoke.


Peace of mind

We supply and fit a wide range of metal and wood fencing, with specialist bespoke products for specific needs. We weld and fabricate in house to provide a solution for your site, whatever the problem. For peace of mind, we also offer a 24-hour repair service, just in case you get an attempted security breach.

Specialist fencing

Armco Barrier fencing (crash barriers) protects pedestrians and property. We’ve installed it on race-tracks, roads, industrial sites and car parks. Acoustic fencing helps keep sound out, designed to protect outside environments from excessive disturbance. The fencing is strong and high with no through-visibility.

Steel Fencing

Our steel palisades provide formidable perimeter fencing for businesses, shops and car parks to keep people out. For protecting sports fields and playgrounds, our mesh and chain link fencing and railings do the job nicely.

Timber fencing

We fit timber Post & Rail fences, as well as Knee Rail fencing. These are ideal solutions to protect livestock and mark the boundaries around agricultural land, as well as for playgrounds, gardens and car parks.


Thank you Wildside for such a neat and tidy job erecting our palisade fencing. Your team has done very well considering the tight timescales and weather, very impressed indeed.

Programme Director, World - Leading Technology Company

working with the environment



Our specialist teams work closely with the client and ecologists to ensure that habitats are protected on your land, without affecting project schedules or budgets.



We erect fencing to keep wildlife out, such as newts, badgers, water voles and reptiles, and create habitats for otters, bats, badgers and hibernating animals.



Protecting wildflower meadows and beetle banks, and removing plants you don't want. We control Japanese knotweed and other invasive species - and get on with the job.

Getting your job done

Tell us what you need, and we'll work it out.

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